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About my studies at UNICERT College

The difference between them lies on the approach to knowledge: a Master's degree teaches you to understand in depth and to approach each subject in different ways. Professional certification focuses on "how" things are done. So, once a technology or technique becomes obsolete, the one with studies at Master level can follow the developments, because he has the right way of thinking.
In addition to its crucial partnership with Staffordshire University, UNICERT College has another comparative advantage: it is an educational organisation set up in early 2020 and it is fully adapted to today’s needs. The experience of its staff ensures quality of teaching, along with the direct contact with the current market reality makes the studies at UNICERT College more substantial and direct.

About my career

The market may be volatile, but some facts do not change. Investing in knowledge always brings a high return. An unwritten rule says that Master’s graduates double their salaries in the next 3-5 years after graduation. Of course, this presupposes, in addition to knowledge, a number of personal and professional skills - which we will make sure you acquire!
Think that studies and experience add up to your professional success. The less you have from one, the more you must have from the other, to stay in the game. Reinforcing your resume with a "strong" master's degree, you certainly gain ground in relation to other candidates, who do not have similar studies.

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