D Group - Unicert College

An educational institution with experience, reliability and knowledge.

D GROUP is a recognized Organization for Training and Certification of Human Resources, with a continuous and well-established presence in the field of education, certification and qualifications, at all levels.

The consistent and uninterrupted presence of the group in the field of training and education, inside and outside Greece, the collaborations with leading institutions and universities and the collaborative culture that governs all the companies of the group, have placed D Group in the highest positions among them.


D GROUP offers:

  • Bachelors and Postgraduate Studies in collaboration with UK Universities, with the most recent addition of UNICERT College and its partnership with Staffordshire University (https://unicertcollege.edu.gr/)
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees
  • Level 4 and 5 Diploma studies (Vocational Training Institute) in several fields
  • Certifications on Computer Skills
  • Certifications on Professional Seminars (Endorsed Programmes)
  • A wide range of Professional Accreditations (Hellenic Accreditation System-E.S.Y.D)
  • Certifications on the English language

The whole team of D Group, under the guidance of the president of the D Group Dr. Dimitrios Derpanis, constantly monitors the developments of science and technology, but also the requirements of the market. Based on these, D Group designs and proposes training programs, of various levels, so that the professionals who will attend them, will gain a strong and lasting lead in the labor market.

D GROUP has a complete quality management system in order to enhance its internal processes, ensuring that the services provided, meet the most demanding expectations in today’s market.