Dr. Derpanis’ welcome statement | Unicert College -Master Yourself


Dr. Dimitris Derpanis

Dear all,

Welcome to our College and the new academic year. UNICERT College is a modern, dynamic educational institution, which meets the needs of the market and shapes trends, providing opportunities for continuous professional and personal development.

UNICERT College is comprised by prominent academic personalities, with scientific competence, with many years of teaching experience in the field of higher education in distinguished Greek and foreign Universities, as well as direct connections with their respective industries. At Unicert College, we wish to address ambitious professionals, people who value and seek development, knowledge, have high goals and envision their actualization.

UNICERT College promotes ambition, dynamism, high goals, continuous development and meritocracy. It is a College, which keeps pace with the modern trends, that emerge in recent years. UNICERT College offers innovative university degree programmes and it is a pioneer in terms of communication and the use of new technologies, with the continuous updating and development of its modern facilities.

We will be happy to welcome you all in our new campus, to start a fascinating journey of exploring knowledge and personal evolution!