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UNICERT College - Master Yourself

Knowledge, Innovation, Evolution: by these words, we choose to describe UNICERT College, the new educational institution which aims at promoting education one step further! With strategic partnerships and a creative spirit, we are introducing a new culture in education, based on the synergy between academic knowledge, practical application and individual skills. Τhe UNICERT College team, consists of recognized academics, successful professionals and executives in education and the market, with deep knowledge on their subjects. For us, in the UNICERT College, “Master yourself” is more than a motto, it’s a way of setting new rules and redefining what success and evolution is. UNICERT College belongs to D Group, the largest purely Greek and internationally recognized, certification body (for individuals and management systems) with activities in Greece, Cyprus, and the Bakans.

“We address to ambitious professionals, to people who value and seek development, knowledge, have high goals and envision their implementation.

Dr. Dimitris Derpanis, President

Meet Our Team

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